Interactive Product Discovery Platform has created the world’s first product discovery platform powered by Interactive Visual AI technology to deliver ecommerce interactive guided shopping experiences.

  • Capture real-time shopper intent through two-way digital dialogue
  • Authentically enhance personalized merchandising with our low/no-code suite of products.
  • Delight shoppers with rapid interactive visual product discovery and 1:1 product bundle solutions
Our technology quickly integrates as a plug-in widget experience or API within your eCommerce site and mobile app.
As shoppers like and dislike products, visual and contextual similarity algorithms process the intentions to display the most relevant products.
Computer vision and machine learning algorithms continuously optimize to ensure the right products are presented to the shopper to drive conversions and grow average order sizes.
Our technology has the ability to track every session, interaction, click, add-to-cart, and purchase to enhance the shopper’s experience.
Data outputs from the technology result in product sentiment analytics (Product Strength Index). This index gives your merchants insights into areas to optimize merchandising, marketing, and product strategies.
Sales Conversion

Quick & Robust Integrations

Our widgets easily integrate anywhere on your ecommerce site, landing pages, mobile apps and even in-store. Designed to accommodate everyone from your ecommerce manager to your marketing lead and, of course, your development and operations team.
Plug-in widget
Drop a simple javascript or tag into your site and go.
  • Some setup effort
  • No development work
  • Limited UX control
Use our landing page service within your marketing campaigns.
  • Medium setup effort
  • Best for marketing teams
  • Limited UX control
Tightly integrate our platform and control the user experience on your terms.
  • Minimal setup effort
  • Best for building bespoke experiences
  • Total UX Control
Skafos WORKS WITH all ecommerce platforms

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