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Interactive Shoppable Campaign Pages

Quickly launch shoppable, interactive campaign landing pages that quickly embeds in your website to improve your Email and SEM conversion rates.

+165% Conversion
+119% Engagement
22% Less Returns

See How a Shoppable Campaign Page Works

How Interactive Shoppable Campaign  Pages Work

Easily optimize your SEM and email campaigns by bringing your campaign landing pages to life.

An interactive shoppable campaign landing page will engage your shoppers to quickly convert by allowing them to delightfully find the products they seek on one page.

Additionally, you gain a new marketing metric that captures your shopper's sentiment on the products during your campaign, allowing you to quickly optimize campaign performance & execute on new marketing opportunities.

The human brain can process visuals
60,000 times faster than text.
Mainstreet Host

Our customers love it.

“Without a doubt, the easiest implementation we have ever done.”
VP eCommerce, Home Goods
“The ability for the tools to get smarter based on what individual customers are actually doing is invaluable.”
VP Bags & Accessories, Luxury
“We love! Their technology increased our conversion by 27% after the first week of launch.”
CEO, Beauty

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