Visual Product Discovery Solutions for Ecommerce

Despite advancements in site search and filters, most shoppers simply don't know what to search for when it comes to visually considered products. Skafos creates "Oh, I like that one" experiences proven to boost sales and basket size; plus your shoppers have fun doing it.

Product Recommenders

Skafos supports - out of the box - 'traditional' recommenders including Recently Viewed, Co-bought and Co-viewed and more.

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Shop Similar & More Like This Experiences

The ultimate scroll-stopping action for your category pages that uses visual search to move shoppers quickly through the funnel from discovery to purchase. As they scroll your product listing, they can tell you what they want similar items they are interested in buying. This reduces scroll fatigue and lost sales from abandoned sessions.

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Interactive Recommenders

Improve your online store's AOV by turning your personalization to eleven and asking shoppers to fine-tune their recommendations for their specific tastes. While traditional recommenders rely on past history to guess what a shopper wants, our product recommenders add an interactive element to facilitate a conversational approach to personalization.

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Featured Products

Curate best sellers or frequently bought together products and allow your shoppers to fine-tune the recommended products presented to them; this is the ultimate hyper-personalization.

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See Similar Modals

When shoppers are close to a decision point but need a little help to find "just the right one". Offer an option to See Similar items in form of a modal pop-up in your product description page or your product listings page. This acts much like an in-store sales associate who assists customers at this stage to find that perfect item and close the sale.

Visual Search & Sort

Leverage social-media style actions that shoppers are used to and love to influence conversion rates as shoppers quickly, and delightfully, find the products they want to buy while exploring the depth of your catalog.

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AI-enhanced Quizzes

The challenge with quizzes is that they are static.  Your catalog changes. Your shoppers tastes change. Then why do we use the same workflow for different people? Quizzes need to be smart and react in real-time to shoppers needs. Skafos quizzes act more as an in-store assistant as they react in real time to a customers personalized needs.

Create Your Look

Improve your online store's AOV and basket size that interactively cross-sells complementary products that perfectly match your shoppers tastes and needs.  Consider this a virtual stylist providing advice by interpreting the wants and style of the shopper based on what they tell you they like and dislike.

Gain insights into your products through customer’s eyes. 

The Product Strength Index (PSI) represents the aggregated sentiment of a single product based on customer interactions and behavior on your site. When plotted against impressions (and sales), merchandisers and eCommerce managers are better equipped to update product and price mix in near real-time.

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