Interactive Guided Shopping (IGS)

Online Shopping experiences made more like In-Store
Our AI technology helps your online shoppers quickly:
Offer a better experience than the rigid online category filters and irrelevant recommenders on ecommerce sites today. Empower your online shoppers to find and purchase products quickly and confidently with the power of our IGS platform.
Retail Dive Playbook
3-ways to Deliver Authentic Personalization
Empower your shoppers to select what products they like and dislike in real-time.
Your shopper sees a set of similar products and can like and dislike images to narrow choices to preferred products in just a few clicks- no text searches, filtering, or browsing required.
Help your shoppers remember what products they liked and disliked.
An always-on reminder of what they like and dislike. The experience is similar to a shopping assistant and can include exit intercept and reduce abandon page, browse and cart rates, no login required.
Assist your shoppers in finding the right product.
Offer your shoppers the experience to comparison shop and find their best match. It’s seamless and natural, just like an in-store associate.

Solutions & Use Cases for IGS

  • Landing Pages
  • Product Display Pages
  • Cart
  • Category Pages
  • Chatbot & SMS
  • Mobile Apps
  • Email
  • Quizzes
Key Benefits
2-way exchange
Richer Engagement
Increase Conversions
Deep Data Insights
"Without doubt, the easiest implementation we have ever done. Simple 2-step process and the IGS experience was live on our site!"
-Jay, VP Ecommerce, Home Goods
"The ability for a tool to get smarter based on what individual customers are actually doing is invaluable. It surprised us with some pairings we never would have thought to recommend to our customers but are, in fact, really popular.
-Elizabeth, VP Commerce, Fashion Accessories

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