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Interactive Visual Product Finder

Boost sales quickly with the world’s first low/no-code, interactive visual AI product discovery experience!

+165% Conversion
+119% Engagement
22% Less Returns
Capture Intent

Interactive Discovery

Empower your shoppers to own their online shopping experience by simply liking or disliking your visual product assortment, where they can quickly discover and select the products they want.

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Track Favorites

Know Your Customer

As your Shopper interacts with your catalog, Skafos automatically tracks their likes and dislikes and displays in the widget so they can always go back and find to something they liked previously.

Authentic Personalization

Encourage Upsell

After a few interactions, Skafos recommends products from your catalog that are personalized for the Shopper; encouraging them to add to the cart. Just like an in-store assistant.

91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations.
- Accenture

Quick & Robust Integrations

Our widgets easily integrate anywhere on your ecommerce site, landing pages, mobile apps and even in-store. Designed to accommodate everyone from your ecommerce manager to your marketing lead and, of course, your development and operations team.
Plug-in widget
Drop a simple javascript or tag into your site and go.
  • Some setup effort
  • No development work
  • Limited UX control
Use our landing page service within your marketing campaigns.
  • Medium setup effort
  • Best for marketing teams
  • Limited UX control
Tightly integrate our platform and control the user experience on your terms.
  • Minimal setup effort
  • Best for building bespoke experiences
  • Total UX Control
“We love! Increased our conversion by 27% after the first week of launch!”
Meg Pryde
CEO, Brandefy
“The integration was quick and easy. Increased category revenue by 165% in less than 4 weeks!”
Jay Allen
VP Ecommerce, Lights Online
“The ability Skafos to get smarter based on what individual customers are actually doing is invaluable.”
Elizabeth Stroud
VP Bags & Accersories, Moore + Giles

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