3-ways to Deliver Authentic Personalization | Free Download! IGS Platform

How Works uses visual product intelligence, artificial intelligence and real-time shopper feedback to deliver an authentic, personalized and relevant product discovery experience.

As shoppers interact with the product discovery tool, deep machine learning algorithms process contextual intent to display products most relevant at that moment.
Skafos IGS gathers and learns from interaction data. We track every session, interaction, click, add-to-cart and purchases to enhance current and future results for your shoppers.
Machine Learning algorithms continuously optimize and compete to ensure the rights products are presented to the shopper to drive conversions and grow average order sizes.
Skafos IGS fits within your existing shopping journey and can be used within your home page, category pages, PDPs and other channels like conversational chatbots and UI.
And the Skafos Portal gives your merchants the controls to pin, boost, promote, allow and block products from your catalog to improve sales through contextual product discovery.
Understanding IGS Technology
Visual. Smart. Personal.
Our visual product intelligence technology sees images and attributes the way humans do. As customers make choices based on the visual product styles, colors, and other attributes, the learning models become smarter guiding them to more authentic, personalized offerings -similar to the experience you would find in store. This engine provides a continuous feedback loop; the more that the AI learns about the shopper overtime, the more accurate and personalized the guided experience. At, we are bringing D2C brands into the new era of authentic personalization.
Unified IGS vs Point Solution Technologies

Interactive Guided Shopping closes the gap between the online and offline experience, allowing e-commerce retailers to authentically personalize the process of discovering relevant products for the shopper by capturing in-session customer feedback and delivering intuitive interactive shopping experiences instead of one-way transactional ones.

The Differences are staggering
Skafos IGS
  • Guides shoppers as they browse your catalog
  • Personalized product views appear through a two-way interactive guided experience in real-time
  • Captures market intent to deliver actionable behavior data and insights to merchandisers
  • In a simple 2-step installation, give
    your shoppers the user experience the e-
    commerce giants, such as Amazon, are
  • Empower shopper's to decide how to shop your SITE. Encourages trust, delivers demonstrable lifts
    in conversion, engagement, and average
    order sizes
Traditional eCommerce
  • Leaves shoppers on their own
  • A one-way rigid and static experience leaves shoppers often frustrated
  • No intelligence on what your customer prefers on your e-commerce site means lost opportunities
  • Status quo while e-commerce giants, like
    Amazon, continue to take your market share
    with modernized and interactive experiences
  • Continue with high percentages of page
    abandonment due to rigid taxonomies and
    irrelevant recommenders, wasting thousands
    of marketing dollars
Skafos Integrates across all ecommerce platforms

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