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We are happy to work with you to put together the right solution package to maximize your ROI. With IGS you will:

  • Capture real-time shopper intent for Authentic Personalization
  • Enhance Visual Merchandising across your channels with Machine Learning
  • Personalize Product Discovery and Bundling for increased AOV

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"We love! Great partners and their IGS technology increased our conversion by 27% after the first week of launch!"
-Meg, CEO, Beauty Products
"We've done 10 tests already and the sentiment is extremely positive. Users express joy when using the IGS tool. They treat it like a game and get immersed in it! I am confident we have a winner!"
-Chaim, SENIOR UX DESIGNER, Home Goods
"The ability for a tool to get smarter based on what individual customers are actually doing is invaluable. It surprised us with some pairings we never would have thought to recommend to our customers but are, in fact, really popular.
-Elizabeth, VP Commerce, Fashion Accessories
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