Included with every plan

Our platform solutions and support is designed to improve over time to maximize your ROI.
Learns your customer
Our interactive visual AI technology learns your shopper's interests in the moment and presents the perfect personalization algorithm.
Best in industry support
Our customer success team works with you and review analytical insights and recommend best practices for your online store.
International support
2021 will be the year that most D2C sites go global. If you need multi-language in our solutions, we include localization support - for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really cancel anytime?

Yes!  We believe in aligning incentives so if we are not converting for your business, you can cancel the agreement.

Can you remove out of stock items from recommendations?

If we have access to your inventory then we can add a filter to remove items from the results.

Do you track and keep sessions across visits?

Yes we can. We track unique session across visits so we can improve the experience for the user as they return to your store. You may opt to not track or set a policy to retain this data based on your policies.