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What Are Product Discovery Tools
A Skafos Member
June 21, 2022

How customers discover the products you offer on your online store is about behavioral data, search, and your product intelligence leverage.

Nowadays, the eCommerce field has more online customers than ever before. Research shows that 2014 to 2021 recorded a year-over-year increment in the number of online shoppers of approximately 4%. Research also shows that more than 50% of young customers prefer online shops to in-stores.

Today, consumers purchase several items online, from utilitarian items (such as garden utensils) and hedonic items (such as apparel and beauty products) to food. Therefore, if you run an eCommerce shop, your primary objective should be making your products catch the consumer’s eyes without considering what you sell.

The market has a record of the issues that arise if you don’t make your items stand out: stunted earnings, minimized conversions, choice overload, ascending bounce rates, and alarmingly — less consumer satisfaction. The exciting news is that boosting your customer experience is the path to avoiding all these issues.

But how do you boost your customer experience? Today, online customers expect an in-store experience related to the online experience, but a better one.  Online shoppers want product visibility, easy-to-explore web stores, product findability, data privacy, fluent & seamless customer experience, and product personalization. One way to achieve this is via product discovery tools. But what’s product discovery, and how can product discovery tools help you? Let’s see!

Product Discovery Definition?

Product discovery entails how your probable consumers, visitors, and users locate and navigate your items on-site. It’s the process that consumers follow to discover the stuff they want.

These customers may be after specific stuff, like a shirt of a particular design, or they can be focused on exploring the site to identify any exciting product. Also, these consumers may be looking for this stuff for their own purpose or another individual. Moreover, the customers can only be focused on getting ideas/opinions for a later purchase.

Regardless of the consumer needs or aim, product discovery is indispensable for the overall consumer shopping experience. Generally, don’t expect a customer to purchase a product if they can’t discover it.

How Are Product Discovery Tools Important For Any eCommerce Site?

All businesses that deal with goods or product selling need to consider product discovery tools. However, these tools are particularly essential for any eCommerce site because the whole store should be devoted to assisting consumers in finding items. Like all physical retail shops, eCommerce sites should be created to make it hassle-free for consumers to locate and purchase their desired products.

With eCommerce personalization, you’ll make it easy for consumers to identify their desired products. You can achieve this by applying dedicated artificial intelligence technology to link existing details to returning consumers without considering how they accessed your store. The suitable product discovery tools can even help you make this possible. And that’s where comes in. is a product discovery platform you need to incorporate your eCommerce site with the product discovery best practices. It’s the best product discovery tool to consider for automatic product discovery.’s top-rated artificial intelligence technology gives you an excellent way to meet consumer preferences and provide eCommerce personalization.