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Visual Sort Capabilities In eCommerce
A Skafos Member
May 10, 2022

Each time a consumer buys from your store, it means that you have the best product findability that also works. Substandard product findability generally means that customers cannot buy an item if they can’t find it. Regardless of how elevated the product demand is, consumer understanding won’t persist long. And this is where visual sort capabilities in eCommerce come in.

As the retail sector is recording bound and leap advancements, visual sort is now more indispensable than ever. This advancement is even more pivotal in online retail businesses, since your potential customers can pull out of your online shop for your competitor in just one click. Visual sort focuses on the several products you offer and displays those items in a manner that attracts consumer interest and convinces them to purchase.

With the hike in online retail business in the pandemic aftermath, the requirement for visual sorting is much more. The need for visual sorting is even greater for sites with larger catalogs.

Research shows that online retailers using visual sorting record a conversion improvement of over 25% compared to those that don’t use this sorting option. Also, online stores using visual sorting attract more traffic because of their dynamic nature. But are these the only benefits of visual sort capabilities in eCommerce? Worry no more! Keep reading to find more benefits of the visual sort in eCommerce.

Good Control Over Item Display

Think of your probable consumers as visitors. Every time you expect guests at your home, you decorate your house to ensure it looks good. A well-decorated home makes the guests feel welcomed. Similarly, visual sort capabilities create interest and allure users.

Visual sorting allows you to control the user experience. It makes it easy to customize the catalogs according to your consumer wants, maximize user engagements, generate earnings, and improve your eCommerce store’s performance.

Enhance Top Of The Funnel Engagement

To engage the customers, you need to begin by making it easy to find their desired products and then allowing them to view those items. This step marks the starting point of nurturing those online guests towards the final sale.

Boosting item views is the most critical objective of visual sorting, and you can achieve this by featuring the correct products in your site’s right positions. This process enhances the click-through from your page impressions to the item views, enhancing the end conversion probability.

Boost Visitor Retention

You have already come across several blogs highlighting online shops have less than thirty seconds to win a guest’s attention. Fundamentally, visual sorting helps to enhance visitor product views.

Each extra item viewed by a guest gets more devoted to your eCommerce shop, increasing their return probability. Note that online shopping is a convenient process, but the consumers are likely to forget you if you don’t grab their attention.

Final Thoughts

Generally, with visual sort capabilities in eCommerce, you can sequence your items by various dynamic tags or filters, reduce first-time visitor bounce rates, boost store conversions, etc. It’s an excellent strategy to enhance your online shop.