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Taking Home Goods Online With Personalized Tools Powered By AI
Ashley Gross
April 19, 2022

Are you running an online store without using any AI-powered personalization tool? You’re missing out on a perfect chance to generate more money.

“LightsOnline enjoys higher conversions and sales because it switched to personalization tools powered by AI.”

“Amazon’s general sales shot up by around 30% when targeted recommendations started.”

These are only a few examples showing how eCommerce personalization tools powered by AI can help you. Here is how AI-powered personalization tools can help you generate more money:

Smart Product Recommendations

The primary aim behind personalized item recommendations is to display items your customers are most likely to purchase. A user’s desire for price, specifications, design, size, hue, etc., is monitored and assessed to create related personalized products.

Moreover, item recommendation algorithms make it easy to cross-sell, upsell & showcase repeatedly, frequently purchased together items to enhance the average order cost on your electronic store.

Today’s consumers demand interactions from time to time. Using AI-powered personalization tools will make it easy to interact with the consumers and provide the products they need.

Automated/Personalized Email Campaigns

It’s not a must for the personalized item recommendations to be enclosed within your site. Automated personalization email marketing tools take extra steps to ensure your consumers receive a customized shopping experience.

As an eCommerce business owner, you’ll reap highly from personalization email marketing tools for conversion optimization and customer retention. You can rely on personalized email messages to handle several concerns and generate the maximum ROI simultaneously.

Image Search Functionality

With several eCommerce businesses providing countless products, consumers mostly face the issue of determining the correct item within the shortest possible duration. As a result, it’s becoming significantly pivotal for online stores to ensure a flawless and straightforward search process.

Artificial intelligence regularly upgrades the search procedure to ensure search engines are more intelligent. Launching elements like voice search or visual search makes the exercise more usable, and artificial intelligence has played a significant role.

Image search functionality has made eCommerce businesses to be more responsive engines. Nowadays, visual search offers an excellent and brand-new substitute for lifestyle/fashion shops.

For example, if you’re after a specific celebrity accessory/garment, you only need to understand the correct keywords to identify the product you want to purchase.

Virtual Assistants

Online stores now utilize virtual assistants to ensure online shoppers receive brick-and-mortar experiences. Customers can approach them the same way as retail assistants. Besides this, these artificial intelligence assistants can select the right accessories/products if you give basic details like occasion, age, and preferred styles.

For instance, chatbots — which fall under AI-powered tools — can minimize different customer support issues. The present-day chatbots are strong enough to go through client databases, correct customer details, and answer them using a personalized and most appropriate way.

Final Thoughts

Hesitate no more! It’s time to start using AI-powered personalization tools and enjoy their outstanding benefits. These tools make it easy to engage your clients in real-time. Also, statistics display clearly that all eCommerce businesses need to boost their artificial intelligence efforts to keep their operations running.