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[Press Release] Skafos releases new product updates, bringing together optimization and customization for better Shopping Experiences
Ashley Gross
June 16, 2022

It is our pleasure to announce some awesome updates we have for current and future customers!

We now offer inbuilt support for A/B Testing our Skafos widgets.

Google Optimize chart featuring A/B Testing

Skafos can easily plug into your existing A/B Testing Suite and has excellent built-in support for platforms like Optimizely and Google Optimize. You can rapidly iterate models and UI. We designed this with A/B testing both different configurations of our recommender and testing us against any of our competitors.

Our latest release now offers more customizations for our widgets including brand new options for the discovery buttons such as rounded corners and more detailed color selections. See the example below:

We also introduced better filtering support to our already fantastic Visual Sort. Our filtering system is now lightning fast and more precise than ever before with a more intuitive design. See the demo below:

Our products are designed to be integrated into any storefront in minutes, and we love continuously fine-tuning our products to make them better. We love feedback! If you have any questions, comments, or would like to see our tools in action on your site, be sure to send us an email at