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Easter Shopping with Personalization Tools
Ashley Gross
April 14, 2022

Easter is here, and each online retailer around the globe should prepare to maximize each coin from the rise of buyers they will record over the holiday. In 2021, 8/10 of American residents celebrated Easter. It was estimated that each American spent around $179.70 on Easter in 2021, which is expected to rise during this year’s Easter celebrations.

Any online retailer whose market covers places where this year’s Easter markings are observed can use personalization tools to generate huge profits from easter shopping. Personalization involves a cross-channel and predictable experience that adapts to consumer requirements and goals in real-time.

Note that you’re making a costly blunder if you don’t have a personalized online store. An un-personalized store can also cost your customers. As a result, this explains why you need a top-notch eCommerce personalization tool to control your customer’s personalization.

You can’t overestimate the crucial role an eCommerce personalization tool will play during this Easter holiday. Whatever you plan to spend, you can’t afford to lose customers or earnings.

Personalization Tool Definition

A personalization conveys individual experience on online stores by effectively showing product suggestions, direct offers, and content dependent on browsing behavior, previous activities, socio-economics, buying history, and other details.

During this Easter holiday, personalization will help any online seller who wants to attract clients, boost transformation, accelerate sales, and enhance repeat purchases. It occurs in different forms — from personalized product suggestions on the product information page or retailer’s homepage to onboarding questions and abandonment marketing notifications.

Why Use A Personalization Tool During This Easter Holiday

You can use a personalization tool during this Easter holiday to:

● Optimize item location with personalized search experiences, lead forms, pop-ups, page content, and everything in the consumer’s journey.

● Recommend related items that can catch your client’s attention.

● Segment your audiences and develop specified campaigns for all products.

● Retarget your clients on several marketing platforms, such as omnichannel marketing, email, and ads.

● Use ‘smart’ A/B testing to enhance conversion rate optimization.

Top-Rated Personalization Tool For This Easter Holiday


Skafos is a personalization tool you can rely on to boost your sales and increase your earnings per AOV and visit. It depends on proven Google-backed artificial intelligence to offer highly relevant item recommendations as the buyers go through your products. Examples of online retailers using this tool to increase conversions include Stührling and Bevilles Jewellers.

More Tools


Yieldify assists you in delivering a personalized experience to your customers, enhancing your digital marketing platform performance, and boosting conversions.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize allows you to segment your customers, conduct experiments, deploy a personalized experience, etc.

Key Features Of A Top-Notch Personalization Software

● A/B testing for optimizing conversion rates

● The present-day AI engine for accurate personalization

● Compatibility with the online store and your other tools

● Insightful analytics to know your clients and track the performance of your campaigns

● Supports several channels

● Solid client segmentation

● Flexible personalization options

Final Thoughts

Providing personalized experiences is not an option if you aim to generate huge profits during this Easter holiday and even in the future. However, note that a top-notch personalization software must match your eCommerce business objectives.