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16 Battle-tested Techniques to Increase Basket Size for your Shopify Store
Michael Hall
January 11, 2022

Okay, there are probably hundreds if not thousands of articles out there on why increasing basket size is important for the success of your online store, but if you’re just starting out, you may be asking yourself how to go about it as you make resolutions for 2022.

“I am not throwing away my shot…”

Getting shoppers to your online store can be a daunting task considering the multitude of distractions online. Shoppers today multitask vigorously — you never really have their undivided attention.

A recent study showed that 57% of respondents shop while they’re at work (bosses, are you reading this?), 51% shop while doing household chores and a good 32% manage to shop while cooking!

The result? You’re dealing with supremely distracted shoppers!

So when you do get them to visit your store, leave nothing to chance!

Make sure you’ve got everything you need to get these shoppers to buy and buy more. In other words, increase your shopper’s basket size and average order value (AOV)

Let’s start with the basics.

What is the basket size and how to calculate it?

Basket size as the name suggests is the total dollar amount of all products that your customers are buying from your website in one visit. This is commonly referred to as AOV, the average order value.

The average basket size of an online shopper is a great indicator of how well your online store has been set up for browsing. It all boils down to that — how well are your products assorted and what are the offers that you highlight on your website.

The trick here is to entice your customers to buy more than just their immediate requirements from your store.

Getting your customers to purchase more from you is of paramount importance and we are going to see later in this article how this is all within your control!

So how do you calculate this metric? You need to divide the total sales you make in a period of time by the total number of transactions.

The formula that you’re looking for is Total number of units sold ÷ Total number of orders.

Here’s why basket size (aka AOV) matters in Ecommerce

We’re giving you 3 major reasons why you need to worry about increasing the basket size of your average shopper.

1. Improve your bottom-line (profit!)

Working towards increasing the basket size of your average shopper will translate into more sales and ultimately increase your profit margins.

In times like these, it’s important to ensure that you’re pulling all the strings to keep your sales volume high and basket size is a metric that you cannot ignore!

2. Get insights into your customers’ purchase behavior

When you shift your focus to increasing the average basket size of your shopper, you will start looking into what gets your customers to buy more from your store. This requires an in-depth analysis of who your customers are and what their purchasing habits are like.

At the end of the day, to stay in the game, you need to keep your customers happy! Showing your customers just what they need, when they land up at your store is what will help you in the long run.

3. Make informed pricing decisions

Thinking about how you can increase the basket size will also help you rethink your pricing strategy!

How you price your products and services can make or break your business. Your pricing strategy must attract customers to your business and gets them to buy more than what they came for — a good pricing strategy is essential for continued sales success.

16 simple tips to increase your shopper’s basket size

We’ve rounded up an exhaustive list of simple yet effective strategies to help you get your customers to add more items into their baskets.

1. Create a stunning PDP (product display page)

Never underestimate the power of a strong, informative product detail page. Consider it to be the lifeline of your ecommerce business.

From product specifications like price, size, color to reviews, shipping details, and other relevant product information — a well-designed product page can be a primary point in a purchase decision. More importantly, detailed product descriptions always bring down the risk of customer complaints.

Pro tip: personalize your product pages based on who is visiting your site

2. Shipping strategies (free shipping threshold)

Having a seamless shipping strategy in place is the first step towards growing your business. While most ecommerce store owners stick to the basics of offering free shipping to select locations, other online businesses have used shipping as the main hook to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

It’s important to establish your shipping strategy and have clear goals in place on how you want to expand your market and reach out to your customers.

Use an app like Stackable Discounts to help shoppers track their progress to free shipping or other key discounts.

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3. Never miss a chance to upsell add-ons

Upsells are a great way to get more sales and increase your shopper’s basket size. How?

When the customer picks a product, be sure to offer an additional product that will only add more value to the customer. Customers will love timely suggestions like these and in most cases will make an impulse purchase of the offered add-on product.

4. Cross-sell complementary products

Complementary products are another great option to offer at the point of check-out. These are products that will improve the value of the original product by offering more features.

Who wouldn’t want to upgrade to better experiences? Offering well-thought-out complementary products is a great tactic to get your customers to add more items to their baskets.

5. Provide product recommendations

Increase your average basket size and get your customers to shop more with real-time product recommendations by using tools like Skafos.

The recommendations can be about adding on to their basket with complementary products or frequently bought together products — offering tailor-made messages at various customer touchpoints can give your customer a delightful shopping experience.

6. Raise prices

Inflation is on the rise in the US, and it’s harder to source products than ever before. Don’t be afraid to raise your prices if you are selling a quality product or offer premium customer service.

Don’t do this hastily, but if you time it correctly with the right category of products, this strategy alone can significantly increase your AOV and profit margins.

7. Limited time promos

Run limited-time offers and let your customers experience the FOMO.

To make things interesting, add a countdown to your product page for the offer. Customers love a good offer and they sure know the importance of grabbing one before the sale ends. Putting a time limit on an offer will help you make that sale faster and easier!

8. Leverage social proof

Get your customer reviews and ratings up on your product page — better yet add those social share icons so everyone gets to show some love and spread the good word about your products.

Social proof and validation are what sell — so ensure that you never miss a chance to show off what your customers have to say about your brand on your product pages and even on social media.

9. Use product bundles (and combine them with offers)

Product bundling is the smart technique of grouping several products and offering them at a lesser price or even at the price of one!

This gives the customer the feeling that they are getting more for less and they will be quick to make the purchase.

10. Add a donation plugin

This one is for the community!

You can consider adding a charitable donation plugin right at the checkout page — not only are you giving back to the community but in turn, you will also be adding on more to the shoppers’ already filled basket!

11. Start a loyalty program

Design a loyalty program that will bring you to repeat business and keep your customers raving about your brand.

Loyalty programs not only foster customer retention but are a perfect way to shower your customers with appreciation.

Special pricing promotions, invite-only events, and coupon codes for your loyal customers are sure to keep them happy and shop for more at your store!

12. Keep rolling out new launches and offers

Shoppers love new products, and they love deals! Give them just that and then watch the shopping spree at your store.

Another tactic to stay in the game is to come up with new launches — keep it seasonal or just another product upgrade, but keep them coming!

Make sure that you build the right amount of hype around these offers, discounts, and launches. You need to make some noise to draw in your customers — once they visit your store, ensure that you have the products categorized have in a way that the new launches and offers are given due prominence.

13. Add a subscription product

Get your customers to choose a subscribe and  save offer— a recurring purchase of a product in exchange for a discount.

Subscription offers can be a great add-on to the primary product your customer came looking for, particularly if you’re selling exclusive, VIP access. This increases the average basket size as well as customer lifetime value (LTV) over time.

14. Add live chat to answer questions spontaneously

Add a live chat widget to your website and allow your customers to reach out easily with their questions. When you are available in real-time to solve customer queries, it helps the customer to make faster purchase decisions.

Also, being able to have a conversation with your support team gives a human touch often lacking in online shopping today!

15. Implement “buy now, pay later”

Give your customers the liberty to be able to buy now, and pay up later! This is an emerging concept that most ecommerce business owners are banking on, especially for more expensive items like jewelry, fashion accessories, or furniture.

Being able to receive a product immediately and have the option to pay for it later — either in full or in installments, has in more ways than one helped ecommerce businesses to increase the basket size in recent years.

16. Personalize offers based on order history

Track your customers’ order history and the next time they visit your store, show them offers based on what they purchased last.

Not only is this a thoughtful move but you’re giving your customer good enough/data-backed reasons to purchase more from your store.

Everyone loves a thoughtful act and showing them products that they would need to be based on past purchases will win your brand brownie points for sure!

Get your customers to checkout with fuller baskets

These 16 tips will surely help you set sail towards fuller baskets, increased sales, and more profits!

Your goal here is to get your customers to buy more than what they came to your store for. How you place your products, the display offers, and share recommendations or add ons will play a huge role in getting your shoppers to buy more.


Hero photo by Heidi Fin on Unsplash