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Visual Product Discovery for Ecommerce Brands

Deliver affordable personalization experiences that rival big tech giants and boost sales; powered by visual AI and sentiment-based personalization.

Engage shoppers with interactive experiences

Skafos brings the best of in-store guided shopping experiences to online stores by empowering shoppers to say “yes” or “no” and scaling 1-to-1 personalization through our Weighted Similarity Algorithm™ (Visual AI).

Hyper-personalize with social media-style interactions

Empower your customers to react to your product selection and transform your catalog into a shoppable social feed that gets better with each customer interaction.

STOP THE SCROLL with Visual Search & Sorting

Increase conversion (CVR) and average order value (AOV) by helping customers quickly find the right products, additional products, or better products in a way that is fun and benefits the bottom line.

Insights & Product Optimization

Unlock insights with product sentiment data based on real-time shopper interactions and behavior to optimize your merchandizing and marketing mix.

19%+ engagement
100%+ CVR Boost
85%+ RPV

We play nice with others

Skafos seamlessly works with most major Ecommerce platforms.


Join the Giants

As Amazon introduces interactive product discovery to millions of shoppers, Skafos allows your online store to compete in lockstep.



of Amazon's total revenues come from purchases of products found through personalization.